Chaplain Pat Blissett

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Still Moment Ministry

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Questions & Answers
  • What makes you different from other local wedding officiants? Why should someone hire you? Our intention is to delight every couple. We want to tell your love story in a way that you may not have ever thought about it before. In order to do this, we take the time, care and sensitivity to get to know you and the important people that surround and support you. We want to capture your love and reflect it back to you and your family in a way that will create a lasting memory for the Journey ahead..

  • What are your standard payment terms? We require a 50% deposit and the balance five days before the event. The deposit is required to "save the date" and is not refundable..

  • What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy? We strive to have all our customers satisfied or delighted. All elements of the ceremony are scripted and reviewed with the client prior to the wedding. We will review the circumstances on a case by case basis..

  • How many wedding do you officiate a year? It varies. However it is usually 30-50 weddings per year.

  • What kind of pre-wedding counseling is required, if any? None is required. However it is available and suggested. We also can provide you with some tools that you can use to evaluate potential problem areas present or perhaps anticipated in your relationship..

  • How long after the ceremony do you file for the official marriage license? Usually with 24-72 hours after the day of the ceremony, depending on when the wedding takes place.

  • What documents do I need to bring to our first meeting? Drivers' license Marriage license (if you have it) Copies of vow ideas (if you are interested in writing your own) .

  • Will you marry couples of different faiths or previous divorce? Yes we are Interfaith, Non-denominational ministers and are here to promote marriage and to encourage establishing your unique memory with a wedding..

  • How long does the ceremony usually last? Usually no more than thirty minutes from beginning to end, depending on the size of your wedding.

  • Do you normally attend the reception? No, we do not. .

  • Do you have a back up officiant on call, in case of an emergency? Yes we do. We are also members of two large organizations that we can refer to in case of emergency..

  • Will you allow us to write our own vows? Yes definately. We can also integrate your vows with a customized ceremony to suit your personalities and reflect your relationship .

  • Can we read or hear your ceremony before our wedding day? All Still Moment are totally scripted and shared with the couple before the ceremony. There should be no surprises!.

  • In which states and communities are you licensed to officiate ceremonies? Most states, but specifically Texas and Illinois.

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