Candice Kubly-Pepe

Experience: 15

Candice Food Couture

3552 S. Centinela Ave #101
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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Questions & Answers

  • What makes you different from other local catering companies? Why should someone hire you? We are a family-run business that is passionate about what we do. We are just a bunch of foodies that love to cook the way we eat. Our philosophy is simple; if we wouldn't love to eat it, it doesn't get put on our menu. We are very down to earth people- no crazy chef egos or snobby food allowed! Just fabulous food, cooked the way it is supposed to be and presented with modern, upscale style..

  • What is your customer satisfication cancellation policy? So far we have a 100% client satisfaction rate, and we hope to never let that change. If for any reason a client is unhappy with the food or service, we will do our best to remedy the situation to the best of our abilities..

  • What are your standard payment terms? Deposit is required to secure your event date. The deposit equals 50% of the event total.Deposit amounts are broken into 2 payments for large events. Final payments are due 7 days prior to the event date. We accept cash, check or credit card..

  • Can you provide tables, chairs, plates, linens, and silverware? Of course! We can provide any of those items through us. It is not required, but it does make life easier for the client. Our Rental Price Guide has all the basics priced and easy to read..

  • What does the staff typically wear to the event? Our standard is all black. Black pants, button down dress shirt, and a red "skinny" tie (optional). Very modern yet professional.

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