helzberg review

Helzberg Review

As a good rule of the thumb to follow when buying an engagement ring (whether you want to buy at Helzberg or any other retailer for that matter), you should do your due diligence before committing to a purchase. You want to read and make sure you understand the store’s policies and be sure to thoroughly examine any diamond before buying.

What Are Others Saying?

You can always expect that with many opinions come various degrees of authenticity, however, if enough people say something, it may be true. Overall, the business seems to be one of excellent options and many rings to choose from. They have scored high on having a website that is easy to use. This is a very large retail chain and the majority of their customers are happy with their purchases.

On the other hand, some were not. There have been some bad reviews for Helzberg online. Some say that the prices are not matched with the quality, and the stones are not all they are cracked up to be. Others have stated that their setting gems are not staying on the ring. There are yet more rumors going around that those who work for Helzberg are not treated fairly.

But on the positive side, people have also noticed they have good lifetime promises on purchases and options to return. There are also reviews of Helzberg performed by professionals in the industry and they look at products differently from the way a consumer would.

At the end of the day, it is best to always take other’s opinions with a grain of salt. The thing to do is to head to one of the stores yourself, and observe the atmosphere and selection.

Then you will be better equipped to make judgments about the customer service and whether or not you trust the company. Bear in mind that being in business over a hundred years does lend a certain credibility and attention to customers over a long period of time.

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Know what you want

It is going to be extremely difficult to make a decision, and also incredibly easy for you to be swayed towards a certain purchase, if you do not already know what you are looking for. You must at least know the basics. A ring or a watch? Bracelet or necklace? Use the 4 C’s to determine the quality of the diamond you want, or if not a diamond, decide on what stone you are going to get. And try to know a little about settings. You are now better equipped to handle the buying process.


This cannot be stressed enough. Research a few companies that are similar to Helzberg before going to buy. Check out other large retail jewelry companies. Visit their websites, duck into a few stores, and try on some jewelry, if you like. See how the service is, notice and remember if there was a price that seemed sky high in one store and low in another for the same item. This is a sign of over paying. Ask questions to determine what the quality of the stones are. Keep on the hunt for several days.

Make a decision

Now that you have spent some time deciding what you like and researching, you can compare your experiences and go buy something that you feel good about. This is the most responsible way to make any jewelry purchasing selections.

Pick Your Price Range

If that wasn’t enough budget-friendly options, here’s another. On the side of the website screen, you can pick how much you are willing to spend on the item you are searching for. Then, simply check the box next to your price range, and you will only see options that comply with your ideals. It’s not just cash saving, but time saving, as well.

There are many more options on the site, too numerous to list. But this should give you a starting idea of the reach of the company and what they sell other than just rings. They also have several breathtaking collections, and have even moved into watches, and presents for that special someone. It can be assumed that as they continue to grow, so will their features.

As an overall opinion, the Helzberg Diamond company has spent years building it’s now thriving industry.

The Helzberg name has built up a lot of respect as a retail jeweler organization, and they continue to provide beautiful options for rings, bracelets, bridal and more. Give them a good look and consider buying a Helzberg diamond for yourself.