wedding vows

Options for Poetry, Readings and Wedding Vows

One dictionary states that a vow is a solemn promise, specifically one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition. You have chosen to forever join two backgrounds, two personalities, and ultimately two families. On your wedding day, you will say vows to each other. These words are not merely words, but a statement of your love, affection, and undying love for one another. These vows will contableect the two of you forever with promises. Your hope should be to fulfill these promises to the best of your ability.

In having the choice of using either traditional vows, or personalized vows, you should decide in advance which you prefer. Traditional vows are the ones we are used to hearing such as, “for better or for worse”, or “in sickness and in health…until death do us part”. Perhaps you feel that these vows are not unique, and you want to personalize them to you as a couple.

They need to best express how you feel about your future mate. Simplicity is always best. Not only will it be easier for your guests to listen to, but also for you to express these in front of them. If you choose write your own vows, make them simple so that every word is easy to remember and repeat. Set aside at least two months ahead of time to work on personalized vows if you so choose, and have the final draft ready at least one week before the wedding.

Perhaps you have someone in mind to read a quote, make a toast, or read some poetry at your ceremony or reception. Gather ideas from love poems or quotes that are found online, from your own experiences, or experiences of other close friends and family. These writings are feelings expressed, and put down on paper.

Put into writing how you felt when you first met your future mate, choosing things that define your relationship, such as a special song or a special moment you’ve enjoyed. Compose a poem from your favorite Bible passage, advice given to you by a close friend, your favorite romance novel, or romantic movie. Whatever expressions you choose, remember that they belong to you alone, they reflect what is in your mind and heart. These words join you, and the one you love, for life.