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Diamond Cut – How to Select a Good Cut

There are many parts that make a diamond whole. You cannot simply go into a store, pick something out, and hope for the best. You must consider the 4 C’s, of which cut is one important factor.

The color of the stone matters, in that the less coloring there is, the better, generally speaking. You will want to buy on the lower end of the alphabet. The scale for coloring works through letters, starting with D, which is amazing quality, and going to Z, which is not good at all.

The carat is a price factor, mainly, as it has to do with how big the stone is, or how high it would be on a scale. It really depends what kind of jewelry you want the stone for. Earrings are often not as large as a big wedding or engagement ring. Generally, you can buy diamonds between ¼ carat or less and four carats and larger. Common sense tells us price goes up the bigger the stone.

Clarity may be more or less of a factor depending on the size of the stone and what you want it for. But the higher the clarity, the better the quality. The scale here has Flawless as the best, and works its way down to I3, which is Included. The higher on the scale you go, the less you will be able to see any flaws or nicks in the gem.

And Cut we have been covering for some time, but just to recap, you do want a great cut. It is highly important! Try to get at least a Very Good Cut, but if you can afford higher, do so. This will ensure that your diamond sparkles from every angle, and who doesn’t love that?


Shopping for a Great Cut

Let’s be upfront here – it’s going to take some time and patience to find that perfect diamond with the amazing cut that you have always wanted. Give yourself enough time to, first of all, save for the right one, and then, to look for it. This may take a week or a couple of months. What it won’t take is a day. Why? Because even if you find something you love, you need time to process all the designs you’ve seen and make sure you are making the right choice.

Start by looking online at various vendors to find things similar to what you need. Then check a few retail stores or local jewelers. Keep track of every price, so you know what an average amount is for the quality. Try checking Blue Nile and James Allen for great online diamonds. You might even do this step before you start saving, so you know how much money to stash away. But keep in mind that prices may change.

After your initial search, save until you can afford what you love. Then, begin the buying process. Go back to your favorites, repeat the first step of checking prices and averaging, as factors can vary, and then narrow it down to a few.

After some more consideration, make your selection. Don’t forget to ask about what comes with your diamond. Regular maintenance may be included, and this is exceptionally important if you get a good cut for the stone. Maintenance will keep it looking its best and producing tons of shimmer. Also consider insurance if the gem is worth a good amount. No need to be worried about something you saved so long for! And that takes care of the buying and maintaining process.

On a final note, remember the meaning behind what you are buying. It will guide your decision. Perhaps you are looking for an engagement ring to symbolize commitment. Maybe you are a collector looking for the best money can buy, or perhaps you want a nice pair of earrings. Use these interests to help you create your goals.

The quality you need with the cut and other things will be influenced by your buying purpose. You may spend more for a collector’s item than a great bracelet. Use your head! We hope that this article has helped you to better understand diamond cuts, and good luck!